Integrity Slogan

The HCC Integrity System

In our quest to build integrity into everything we do, Hill Commercial Construction (HCC) has developed a systematic approach for helping out clients achieve their vision - in a way that meets or exceeds expectations, without surprise.


At the start of every project, we sit down with out clients and we listen. We ask questions about your plans, goals and motivations, ensuring that we understand how you will measure success. This is the point at which your goals become our goals.

Constructability Review

We review all construction documents on each project we undertake. We ensure that all documents (architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing) are congruent with the intent of your design and your existing field conditions.

Team-Based Communication

To ensure that every team member is in step with the client's vision and goals, your project details are transferred from the office to the site superintendent, all at once. With every team member fully apprised of your project's scope, quality and timeline, we are better able to deliver an outstanding finished project.

Client Communication

In order to facilitate effective, two-way communication, we schedule regular site meetings with our clients. Your "Chalk Walk," "Frame Walk," "Box Walk" and "Blocking Walk" are the first four important meetings, where we establish room sizes, location of electrical outlets, phone and data, and any special blocking required for equipment, artwork or other aesthetic considerations. In addition, we provide you with regular cost and progress reports to ensure that your goals are both tracked and met.